Tuesday, December 3, 2013

RUSSELL, KS - Balta the Lab mix needs rescue! - She was Dumped!

CONTACT CRYSTAL CRAIG AT: 785-483-3038 (Home), or: 785-483-1553 (Cell), or
Email: wccraig@ruraltel.net if you can help this wonderful dog!

RUSSELL, KS - I was contacted by a lady today who picked up a dog that was
apparently dumped along the interstate. She is a yellow Lab mix. It sounds like she has had some training, and is a lovely dog!!

She already has 4 or 5 dogs herself, and cannot keep her. She is afraid she will be euthanized if she is taken to a shelter. She is young, approximately 1 or 2, knows some commands, and walks on a leash great! Loves riding in the car, and loves to play with people and other dogs!


CONTACT CRYSTAL CRAIG AT: 785-483-3038 Home, or: 785-483-1553 Cell, or
Email: wccraig@ruraltel.net if you can help this wonderful dog!

RaShann Southard
Hands of Hope Rescue
Great Bend, KS

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Balta the Lab mix

Here is Balta. We named her that, since we found her on the Balta exit on I-70. She was a bit timid, but she was happy to jump in the car with us and be off the road.

The first thing the next morning we took her to our vet, and found she did not have a micro chip. She is between 1 and 2 years old, and is in great health. We do not know if she has been spayed, every time we try and check her tummy she thinks we are playing, and bounds away.

She can sit, fetch and loves to ride in the car. Today she is going for a ride along in the oil field with my husband to help work off some energy. She walks on a leash, and knows how to sit. We do not know about house training, because she is staying in our garage and backyard. She seems to enjoy that, but knows to knock on the backdoor to get our attention. She has a very soft mouth when being handed treats, and has even worked on
shaking. She can be food aggressive, but so is my Beagle, so we have always fed them separately. The two of them had words Sunday, mainly vocal, but it could have escalated. She stopped immediately when my husband grabbed her collar. She seems to respect the humans in her life, especially a voice of authority.

Balta would be great ride along dog, such as an oilfield pumper, helping check wells; a farmer checking cattle, or someone who wants a running partner. She has boundless energy, and she loves to nap in the sunshine. 
Contact information is:
tel:785- 483-3038  home
tel:785- 483-1553  cell
Thanks for posting this. She is a great dog, who deserves a wonderful home.
Crystal Craig

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