Monday, January 31, 2011

Lakeport, CA: 22-year old Beagle needs help

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SENIOR ALERT - 22 year old Beagle needs help in California

Please, if anyone can this OLD OLD MAN..., please call Sara.
Sara's phone is 707-263-0278. Lakeport, CA, is in northern calif. an hour north of Santa Rosa I'm told. This is so so sad.

Hi everyone;
I am sending out a rescue plea for this poor old guy who is sitting at Lake County Animal Control. . He is super sweet, the owners said he was 22, but we don't know for sure. If he is, he looks amazing for his age. He deserves to not have his life end in a shelter, and we would love to see him make it out... If anyone can take him, please call Sara or respond back by E-mail.... Thank you.....

Kennel #20
*ID: 26867
*Breed(s): Beagle (mix)
*Gender: Male

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