Friday, November 19, 2010

CA~* CODE RED * LAST CALL on Bridget the brindle Dutch Shepherd PUP

LAST CALL on Bridget the brindle Dutch Shepherd PUP or GS HIT BY CAR - *Med donation avail-

Hi Friends,

Can ANYONE help this poor girl or does anyone know someone else who can? This one just breaks my heart maybe because she looks so much like the Dutch Shepherd puppy I am fostering right now who was in a similar situation, at the shelter with an injury she acquired by the adoptive family that was dumping/returning her! Now thanks to MuttMatchLA who rescued my little foster (you may remember her as the Peekaboo puppy from South LA) she had her surgery and is living in my loving home where she plays and walks with my dogs and LOVES my 2 year old daughter! My little Dutch Shepherd foster is sweet, loving, extremely intelligent, guards my little one and is just an incredible dog-which I am sure this little girl Bridget is as well. Can anyone help Bridget???

Thank you for taking the time to read this,

Tanya Masterson

East Valley shelter 818 756 9323/4 or Veronica 213 435 9152 or ani.newhopeev@ or Pnina pd53@sbcglobal. net

She is gettting very depressed

A1143976--Bridget 6 months 42 lbs-Owner Surrender
Possible owner spayed brindle German Shepherd for evaluation

History: Allegedly hit by car
O: T- 101.4 F P-128 bpm R- 24 bpm
MM-pink CRT < 2 sec BCS 5/9
Pet appears bright, alert and responsive @ this time.
Unable to stand ( unable to use pelvic limbs)
Deep pain sensation - still present

BRIDGET - ID#A1143976
My name is Bridget and I am a spayed female, brown brindle Dutch Shepherd.
The shelter thinks I am about 6 months old.
I weigh approximately 42 pounds.
I have been at the shelter since Nov 11, 2010.

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  1. Hi I'm trying to find out information on Bridget and where shes at right now. Thanks!!