Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Johnson Co., MO - Young, Abandoned Male, Scottie! - RESCUE COMMITMENT BY 3:00 pm TOMORROW (06/10)!! YOUNG, MALE, SCOTTIE (JOHNSON COUNTY, MO)

The following canine needs a rescue commitment ASAP!! His time is up tomorrow, (06/10). He MUST be out of his boarding facility by 5:00 pm, not just a rescue commitment. I can move him to another boarding facilty at $5/night until a transport can be lined up, if that helps. I will not be able to transport him tomorrow night, but can meet someone Friday night.


Approximately 1 year old. Male/UnAlterned. Scottie Mix. Seems to get along fine with other dogs, cats and kids.
This poor little guy was discovered today in an abondoned home. The people moved out 9 days ago, and just threw a bag of food on the floor for him, and left the toilet up. No windows open and no air on. He has been checked out by a Vet, who says he is in very good condition. Sheriff says since he was abondoned for 9 days he does not need to be held for the 5 day Missouri required hold - that the action was sufficient for abondonment.

I will be traveling tomorrow, so I need commitment from a rescue before 3PM, so that I can make sure he is pulled out in time (Before his deadline of 5:00 pm). My cell is: 816-332-1021, or you can text me at this number. Our home office phone is down due to the storm yesterday, and will not be repaired until tomorrow late.

I will NOT have email access tomorrow either.
Thank you.
Tisha Jackson, Director of CARRMISSOURI and Advocate for Animals in Rural Missouri
Text: 816-332-1021

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