Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Twilight needs a foster and or home ASAP!!!! Please help!!!!!!!! ! Crosspost everywhere!! !! Please post on FB and all over!

ANNETTE @ (310) 621-6964 or 818-222-1632
Or at doggyduvet@aol.com

Here is the info on Twilight. He could be shown now if someone wants to see him at Annette's.

Remember TWILIGHT, the Thanksgiving dog we rescued from North Central? Well, Twilight had a funny walk then which has been completely corrected and he is just a puppy. He has his whole life to have fun!
He is a Beagle/lab mix, about 1-1/2 years old. He has been socialized and gets along with other dogs and children. He has puppy energy.

He needs a forever home. He has been in therapy or foster for a long time. If you are interested, you can see him at the place he is staying, a boarding/training home in Old Topanga near Calabasas. When he is adopted, the trainer will go to the new home and socialize him into his new environment and remain AVAILABLE to go to the new home.

I love this dog and he has been my responsibility since he was on his last days. He was my THANKSGIVING GIFT. (He and Roger - if you remember Roger, the dog who had stem cell surgery to save his leg).

ANNETTE @ (310) 621-6964
Or at doggyduvet@aol.com
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Nancy Stone
Blumberg, Canter, Nemiroff & Cohen
16133 Ventura Blvd., Ste. 685
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Saturday, June 12, 2010

URGENT--Sneads Ferry, NC: Fallen Soldiers Dog needs help

Crossposting. Please crosspost! I am NOT the contact. Please contact Donna 910-389-3196 or doacannon@yahoo.com ASAP! Information below and a picture of Cully is attached. Please help!

One of Americas Best fought for our country and has passed on. Now his pooch needs a forever home. Please help. Candyce
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Please read the following and then please, please share with anyone at all who can help find a home for this boy.....a fallen hero for our country should at least have "his little boy" in a safe place.....

Jack please post for us

This is such a sad story of dog who lost his master fighting for our country. Please can someone please help us. The contact is Donna Cannon in Sneads Ferry NC. Her contact information is listed below.
Cully's dad, Dave, was KIA in Afghanistan and he is too much for the family right now. Cully has been through alot in the past year. It is a sensitive case for the family so we have found the dog a place to go to outside the home. His foster home will not be able to keep him after the 28th of June. This is now a urgent situation for Cully. He doesnt deserve to be homeless. He has lost so much already. Please help this well deserving dog find a home. Dave was there for us and gave much more than what we are asking now. Cully needs a home. Lets help him get there. Thank you for your help.
for those of you that cannot view the link I have attached a pic.

Cully is not neutered or UTD on shots, but loves to be cuddled and wants attention and love. He is good with teenagers, but he is energetic so I would not place in a home with young children.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Johnson Co., MO - Young, Abandoned Male, Scottie! - RESCUE COMMITMENT BY 3:00 pm TOMORROW (06/10)!! YOUNG, MALE, SCOTTIE (JOHNSON COUNTY, MO)

The following canine needs a rescue commitment ASAP!! His time is up tomorrow, (06/10). He MUST be out of his boarding facility by 5:00 pm, not just a rescue commitment. I can move him to another boarding facilty at $5/night until a transport can be lined up, if that helps. I will not be able to transport him tomorrow night, but can meet someone Friday night.


Approximately 1 year old. Male/UnAlterned. Scottie Mix. Seems to get along fine with other dogs, cats and kids.
This poor little guy was discovered today in an abondoned home. The people moved out 9 days ago, and just threw a bag of food on the floor for him, and left the toilet up. No windows open and no air on. He has been checked out by a Vet, who says he is in very good condition. Sheriff says since he was abondoned for 9 days he does not need to be held for the 5 day Missouri required hold - that the action was sufficient for abondonment.

I will be traveling tomorrow, so I need commitment from a rescue before 3PM, so that I can make sure he is pulled out in time (Before his deadline of 5:00 pm). My cell is: 816-332-1021, or you can text me at this number. Our home office phone is down due to the storm yesterday, and will not be repaired until tomorrow late.

I will NOT have email access tomorrow either.
Thank you.
Tisha Jackson, Director of CARRMISSOURI and Advocate for Animals in Rural Missouri
Text: 816-332-1021
Email: h82bl8mo@yahoo.com