Saturday, April 3, 2010

La, CA: VERY URGENT : Bubbles snaps, crackles and pops - only 3 mo.

Is there ANYONE who can rescue this pup? She is available to rescue only because of the “air pocket” under her scruff. IT WILL GO AWAY but because of this, the shelter will only allow her to be rescued by YOU ALL…………Ill pay her pull fee and help pay transport fee’s if someone can get her out and to safety! She’s adorable and so highly adoptable!

*BUBBLES SNAPS, CRACKLES AND POPS* *(though she doesn't want to let anyone know that from the looks of this very serious photo -- get that camera away from me!!)*

Bubbles (A1096560, only 3 months old, a long-hair chihuahua / spaniel mix???, *on alert since March 11th -- out of time !!!!!!*) came in to the shelter *full of hot air. Literally.* She had a pouch of subcutaneous air under her skin (check with medical for exact description) -- hence, her name, Bubbles. Medical staff quickly fell in love with this little one and is happy to report that *Bubbles' snaps, crackles and pops are nearly gone*.

This is one *frisky little miss* who is looking for a home. With her puppy playfulness, she needs lots of love, some training, a few toys, and perhaps a box of Rice Krispies. If you can help Bubbles burst out of the shelter, call South L.A. today at (213) 485-0117 or -0119.

And kindly drop us a line with the good news. Many thanks, Andrea & Mindy
(323) 363-4909

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  1. Did you find her a home? Bless her little heart.