Friday, April 16, 2010

Alabama Final Plea from Sharon Moore for the Senior Rottie girl named Beauty

Please contact Sharon if anyone can help Beauty, or call Sharon Moore at 601-513-5424 or 601-626-8697. *

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Please someone add Beauty to your life. She is a senior that probably had a horrible life judging from the last picture where she was found. Can we find her a loving home by the week end or she will land up at a sanctuary and be on one's dog. She deserves a special place with someone that will treat her heartworm and make her healthy and happy again… Please contact Sharon if anyone can help Beauty, or call Sharon Moore at 601-513-5424 or 601-626-8697. Thank you for crossposting. .*
Hi Rescue Friends. I'm sending out this plea on behalf of Sharon and Beauty.

Some of you know Beauty and some do not, so below I'm pasting the plea I posted on the Senior Pet Rescue Yahoo Group. It will give you an idea of her current situation. Beauty is a dog that Sharon rescued from the nasty, run down trailer park in Meridian. Beauty deserves someone to love her, not to be sent away to a sanctuary where she will just be another dog. But, if
we cannot find her at least a foster or a permanent home, that is where she will go this weekend. Please help if you can, in anyway you can. Thank you! I have attached photos. The fourth photo was taken at the trailer park where Beauty was found. You will see how horrible it had been for her in the past.

... I also help a rescue in MS who has a very beautiful Senior (approx. 7-10 y.o.) female Rottweiler appropriately named "Beauty". We have been seeking help in finding her a safe place for quite sometime.

Beauty is spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations and healthy, other than being HW+. The Vet has said she is "high" positive. I assume that means she has obvious signs and symptoms upon examination. They are not sure how much longer Beauty will live, due to her current condition.

She unfortunately is not in a good situation in her current foster home and needs to find somewhere safe to live and enjoy her last days. However long or short that may be. The neighbor of her current foster does not like animals and is believed to have recently poisoned and killed another one of her fosters, a puppy of only 2 1/2 months and has also killed a cat which was a personal pet of the foster.

*If anyone can help Beauty, please reply directly to me at the email address above or call Sharon Moore at 601-513-5424 or 601-626-8697. *

Transportation can be arranged. We would prefer to keep her as close as possible, to cause her as little stress as possible. But, please do not let that keep you from contact us. Anything is possible, if it helps the dogs.

Thank you so much!

Teresa Hyde
Columbiana/Chelsea, AL

Teresa Hyde
The Pet Hydeout
Columbiana, AL

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I just got the Google notification that the post was here. I'm sure this helped with the tremendous response we had. Beauty is now safe in a temporary foster home and will be leaving in about two weeks for her new forever home. Thank you again so much for helping us keep her out of the sanctuary and in a loving home where she belongs! - Teresa