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DONATIONS NEEDED: Sadie Belle, Emaciated Neglected Husky, Has Had 2 Homes in 3 Months

Some of sweet little Sadie Belle's story as told through a free cycle ad below. I was notified by a person who saw the ad about Sadie Belle and I said I would take her into rescue, not knowing what was wrong with her for sure, thinking worms in her stool was causing diarrhea.

Received from person who brought Sadie Belle to me:
"The free cycle ad said "Free: Red/White Husky. She has diarreah and wants to go out every 15 minutes and it is getting annoying, so she is free to the first person who comes to get her, No questions asked!"

Also From Person Who Brought Sadie Belle To Me:
I picked Sadie Belle up, and the man who had her (who I believe is mentally disabled) said that he had only "ownered" her for three weeks. He had acquired her to breed to his male red/white husky. (who did appear to be healthy, he was a senior!) When I got out of my car, Sadie Belle ran up & jumped up on me & began giving me kisses. I asked her to sit, and she sat
very well while I clipped the leash to her collar.

I spoke with the man, and he explained that *****he had found a partially eaten computer cord, and he believed she had eaten it. He said she has been using the bathroom earlier that day and was attempting to pass what looked to be the cord, but he didn't go check, and he wasn't concerned.** ***

I took her to Suzy (of Free Spirit) and the man called me almost a week later to check on Sadie Belle, and I told him she was not doing well, and was explaining her health issues, and he then told me that Sadie Belle was purchased in January while pregnant with a litter of puppies (she had been bred to a German Shepherd) and then when the puppies were approx 6 weeks old she was traded to someone else, and then he found her on freecycle. So this poor girl has been moving from one home to another for the past 3 months!!"
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What a sad and disgusting story for any dog to endure. None of these humans" who were Sadie Belle's guardians while she was being passed around to 4 "homes" in a 3 month period provided even basic care for her, it is sad indeed that not a one of them could have been bothered to take her to the vet to have her medical needs met since she had diarrhea and the "man" claimed to have seen her attempting to pass a computer cord. By the way, this "person" sells and trades a little bit of everything on free cycle, including computer parts and accessories, scary, he allowed poor little Sadie Belle to get into trouble, what would you expect from a curious young pup seeing all that stuff laying around but to chew something up?

____________ _________ _________ _________

Sadie Belle came to me on Tuesday March 2nd, upon arrival she had severe bloody diarrhea, she was taken directly to my vet. They also saw worms in her stool. She had a fecal sample tested, was given meds, the next day the bloody diarrhea became worse and she began vomiting blood, Sadie Belle also got the condition of a prolapsed rectum, also protruding from her rectum were her intestines and appendix. She had to undergo surgery for those conditions, 2 feet of her intestines were removed as they had lost their blood supply and were no longer viable. Sadie Belle was feeling so badly she would not eat and at 32 pounds, she was very emaciated and in poor general health.

She had a litter of puppies recently at only 8 months of age, I do not know what happened to the puppies but they were given away, sold or somehow placed at 6 weeks of age.
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Please Help With A Donation For Sadie Belle

Please help with a donation towards Sadie Belle's care, she had surgery March 3rd and another surgery March 10th. She has lost a little weight and now weighs only 30 pounds.

The 2nd surgery was done after a series of barium xrays revealed nothing was moving beyond her stomach, her intestines were filled with gas, they intended to massage them and try to stimulate them to move stomach contents, they were sutured in places to help keep them in place from twisting again, the sutures will dissolve in about three weeks. Today Sadie Belle ate for the first time some liquid form puppy formula, then I was told by staff not to give her any more of it, they want her to eat special dog food.

Sadie Belle's vet care at this time is approximately $1000.00 and more charges are being added daily. It is possible to donate directly to the vet using a credit card, debit card, by mailing a check by snail mail or through my Pay Pal, address, phone number and Pay Pal below, thank you in advance for any donation of any size to help Sadie Belle.

Sadie Belle deserves for the first time in her young life to have good care and know love.
She is in high spirits and is happy to see me every day, she likes to lay on a blanket with her head on my lap and be rubbed and sometimes I sing to her.

Once she begins eating more she will be well and on her way to a loving home. Thank you for reading about Sadie Belle, her pictures are attached, she is a happy pup despite her neglect and rough life she has been subjected to so far, please find it in your heart to help Sadie Belle if you can possibly afford it, I know how tough times are for everyone please believe me, I understand if you cannot afford to make a donation, but your prayers and good wishes will be appreciated very much, I feel sure prayers for Sadie has helped her pull through, her condition has been described by my vet as grave and he is cautiously optimistic Sadie Belle will begin eating, put on some weight once she finally can take nourishment and get well.

Thank you,
Suzy Taylor
Free Spirit Rescue
PO Box 1686
Cambridge OH 43725

***DonationsMay Be Called To Vet Using Credit or Debit Card or Checks Mailed Snail Mail:***

Guernsey Vet Clinic
ATTENTION: Debbie for Sadie Belle
2103 E Wheeling Ave
Cambridge OH 43725
740-432-5980 - Ask for Debbie, tell her for Sadie Belle - Siberian Husky



*****OR***** Check May Be Mailed To:

Free Spirit Rescue
Susan Taylor
PO Box 1686
Cambridge OH 43725

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