Thursday, March 11, 2010

chi @ Greenville County(SC) Animal Care Services -- pic attached

Here is the picture of the little Chi who needs our help....

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NAME: Cody
ANIMAL ID: 9837170
BREED: chihuahua
SEX: neutered male
EST. AGE: 9 yrs
EST. WEIGHT: 10 lbs
HEALTH: appears healthy
TEMPERAMENT: a little scared in the cage, fine when you get him out
ADDITIONAL INFO: owner surrendered—“change in lifestyle”

Due to the high volume of responses that we get from those of you who want to save animals, we kindly request correspondence by email only. Thank you!

Greenville County Animal Care Services
328C Furman Hall Road
Greenville, SC 29609

The following animals are in the Greenville , South Carolina Animal Shelter…Can you help them?

If you cannot see the pictures, please, go to: and click on the Greenville tab.

Some things you should know when working with us:

1.) Not all animals listed on this email are available TODAY! Please look at the “available date” under each animal picture to see when they can leave the shelter.

2.) When you reply to confirm dogs, please include in your email what rescue you work with.

3.) Dogs are not heartworm tested until a rescue confirms them (unless otherwise noted). If you CANNOT take a HW+ animal, please mention it when you confirm!

4.) We CANNOT guarantee the health of an animal. We focus on preventative health and do not have the resources to have every animal vet checked prior to placement.

5.) Pull fees MUST be paid at the time of confirming the animal, and at the absolute latest, when the animal is picked up from our shelter. We no longer invoice- sorry!


Please be patient with us. We intake 20,000 animals/year and have only 2 staff dedicated to the rescue placement process. We sift through 100+ emails/day. We will respond to your inquiry, but it may be a brief exchange and may not be immediate. Thank you for understanding!

If you can help, please email

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