Saturday, February 6, 2010

Philadelphia, PA: *URGENT* ACCT is FULL- Foster and Adoptive homes needed ASAP!

**ACCT is full to capacity and all dogs are at risk of euthanasia. Foster and adoptive homes are needed ASAP to relieve space constraints at the shelter. Please forward to everyone you know.

Are you interested in one of the dogs at ACCT? If so…
Great! First, decide if you are interested in fostering or adopting!

To determine whether you should apply to foster versus adopt, please consider the following information:

-To adopt a dog means to commit to being the primary caregiver for the dog and keep it in your possession, for yourself for the rest of its life. Adult dogs are $75 to adopt, puppies (under 6 months old) are $125- that donation covers the vaccines, microchip, surgery, etc that the dog has received.

- To foster a dog means to commit to temporarily caring for the dog while also working to find the dog a “forever home”/adopter. While fostering the dog remains ACCT’s property, but the foster parent takes responsibility for marketing the dog, and doing a preliminary screening of any potential adopters. When an adopter is found, the foster parent must coordinate with the ACCT Life Saving office to approve the adopter and finalize the adoption. If the foster parent decides after time that they would like to keep the dog, they must complete the adoption process and pay the adoption fee. ** Fostering is not a trial adoption.**
More about fostering:
Although previous fostering experience is not required, ideal foster care provider will have basic knowledge of animal care and training and be committed to finding their foster animal a safe and loving “forever home”. As a foster care provider, you will provide the animals with care including, food, water, shelter, training, grooming and medical treatment when necessary. The PSPCA will provide clinic and vet care, behavior and training resources, and adoption counseling. We rely on the foster parent to find an adoptive home for the dog, but we can help! We provide adoption events for you attend, can post your foster dog on Petfinder for you, etc. We cannot guarantee how long a foster dog will be in your care, since you keep the dog until an adoptive home is found, which can be anywhere from 2 weeks to a few months depending on the dog, and how heavily you market it.

Ready to come meet one of the dogs?
Adoption Hours are:
Monday-Thursday; 4pm-7pm
Friday; 12-7pm
Saturday and Sunday; 12-5pm
Afterhours by appointment

Foster Hours are:
Monday-Sunday; 9am-6pm
Afterhours by appointment

*If you have dogs of your own, you need to bring at least one in to meet any potential dogs and make sure there is no major personality clash. Please also bring proof that you are allowed dogs at your home if you rent.

ACCT is located at: 111 W. Hunting Park Ave, Phila., PA 19140
Phone: 267-385-3800
Email: or

Shandy (A09506777) is a 2-4 year old female Shepherd-Collie-Beagle mix. Shandy was great on a leash and already knows basic commands like sit and down. Shandy is treat motivated which is good because it usually means that she will be very easy to train. Shandy loves attention and knows how to ask for it without jumping all over you. She wants love and to be petted, but she also likes time to herself as well. Shandy has lived with another dog before. Shandy is very underweight, please come in today to fatten this sweet girl up!

Sheeba (A09520664) is a pretty and small but stocky 5-7 year old Northern Breed- Corgi-Shepherd mix. Sheeba’s family gave her up because they had a change in lifestyle. Poor Sheeba doesn’t like it at all here in the shelter. She is nervous and scared and she probably is waiting for her family to come back for her. Unfortunately they aren’t going to. Sheeba just needs the right family to help her feel comfortable and allow her to come out of her shell. She already knows basic commands and is most likely potty trained since she was and owned pet for so long.

Big, brown Bear (A09513221) is an energetic 6-12 month old Chocolate Lab- Retriever- Pit mix. He is very outgoing and needs somebody active to keep up with him. He is a little unused to being handled around the mouth and paws so could use a new owner who will take time to bond with him and teach him to trust and not just play! We believe that he is housebroken because he always goes potty the second he walks out the door.

Dessy is a dog in foster care but that needs rescue help NOW! Please use your rescue connections to help find this SPECIAL NEEDS dog a good home! Dessy came into the ACCT shelter as a stray and we really thought that she would die that night. Her body temperature was 94 degrees, she was emaciated and not doing well. Now she is anamazing happy, healthy girl. A few days into Dessy finally getting up and around on her own, we discovered that she was completely unresponsive to us, after much banging around of pans, and making obnoxious noises, we discovered that Dessy was deaf. We’ve began teaching her hand signals and laser pointers. She is a very smart girl and catches on quickly. She is good with most other dogs and is very, very playful. She likes to pull around people on skateboards while chasing a ball, she is great at fetch, and can decapitate a stuffed animal in less than 30 seconds! Dessy loves to swim and play in water! She is a high energy girl that loves walks and lots of play time. Dessy is great in the car and enjoys sticking her head out the window. She is a great snuggler and can easily entertain herself with toys. Dessy is already spayed and microchipped and is ready to be adopted into a wonderful, understanding home. Dess is learning hand signals. She is about 1-2 years old and is crate trained and house broken.

Jada (A08382318) is a gorgeous caramel colored already spayed female Pit mix 1-2 years old. Poor Jada was found as a stray and is skinny and on treatment for kennel cough. She desperately needs some TLC! Jada is gorgeous- she is tall and lanky with an elegant long nose and beautiful soft eyes. Jada is such a sweet, loving dog. Jada loves to lay at your feet and will make someone a very special dog. Jada is great with body handling- she is fine being pinched poked and especially loves kisses! If you give Jada any baby talk she gets so wiggly and happy her whole body swishes from side to side. Save Jada’s life today!

Coolio (A08194584) is a stunning largely white terrier with green (!) eyes, between 1-2 years old that was brought in as a stray. He is an independent boy who is not very needy. He likes some affection but also like to explore his environment. He needs some basic leash training as the pulls a little, but is friendly and has been evaluated as very adoptable. Coolio turns heads and we hope he will do so with you on long walks in the park, or in your neighborhood?! Coolio has not been evaluated with cats, but is fine with most other dogs.

Peety (08483301) is a male pit mix that is about 1-2 years old and came to ACCT as a stray. Peety is cute, skinny and needs some manners. Peety loves to play outside and is learning how to chase the tennis ball. He would flourish in a home where he can get fattened up and get some loving!

Carl (A08964899) is a beautiful boy looking for a new home. He is a pit/terrier mix about 6-12 months old. He was brought in as a stray in mid-October. Carl is very soft but don’t let that fool you, he has a ton of energy and is ready to play. He loves to play with other dogs and he will need some leash training. Carl is a love bug and with the right home will do well.

Brandy is a 6 month old pit mix puppy. She doesn’t have manners with other dogs so she would do best with a home with another dog so she properly learns how to interact with dogs. She was brought into the shelter as a stray. Come give Brandy the home she deserves.

Sonya (A09226619) is a 3-5 year old white pit bull mix that was found as a stray. She has had many litters and people don't want her because of her sagging boobies. She's waiting for someone who can look past her exterior and see the sweet girl inside. It's a good thing she loves meeting people and going for walks because her beautiful blue eyes capture everyone's attention. Sonya would make a great family dog! Sonya doesn't like pushy dogs and should not go to the dog park but she can live with a male dog. Please come save this sweet girl!

Tanner (A09276769) is an approximately 1 year old Mastiff/Pit Bull mix that was found as a stray with a case of demodex (non-contagious mange). Tanner is really big, strong and powerful- we think he may have been a body builder in his former life! Tanner does not like it when other dogs are rude to him and would do best as an only pet. This big boy enjoys having his neck scratched and knows ‘sit’. Tanner needs a firm, consistent owner to help make him the best dog possible. If you are that person, come meet Tanner.

Lexy (A09244425) is an approximately 1 year old pit bull/American Bulldog mix. She was surrendered by her owners because they didn’t have enough time for her. Lexy is very nervous at the shelter and should go into foster care so we can get a better idea of her personality before being adopted out. If you have some time to help a dog adjust to life in a home, please consider fostering Lexy!

Tommy (A09175447) is a little ball of energy! He’s a 1-2 year old pit bull mix that was surrendered by his family because they couldn’t afford him! He LOVES to play and often gets a case of the zoomies. He hasn’t learned not to jump, so he would do best in a home with children over 10 years of age. Tommy has a lot of energy and will need a family that will exercise with him every day! Come meet this big puppy today!

Lulu is a 1-2 year old pit bull mix that was found as a stray with her mother, Lala. She has a lot of energy and enjoys enticing her mom into play, chasing pigeons and being loved on. She needs basic obedience training and some work on manners (she can be a little mouthy/jumpy). Because of this, she should not live with children under 13 years old. Come meet cute and crazy Lulu today!
Video of playtime!:

Lala is a 3-5 year old cropped ear American Staffordshire Terrier mix that was found as a stray with her daughter Lulu. It is very obvious that she has had many litters. She is a sweet girl. She can be selective about her dog friends, so she shouldn’t be brought to a dog park, but she can get along with some other dogs, preferably male. Lala would love to be adopted with her daughter, Lulu. Come meet this cute girl today!
Video of playtime!:

Sasha (09408247) is a comical 1-2 year old female pit mix that came to ACCT because her owners can no longer afford her. She is a sweet girl, full of play bows and loony antics. She walks well on a leash, but needs some basic obedience training as she can be a bit jumpy when she gets excited. Sasha has lived with children, but would probably be best with older children that can play with her. She is house broken and could probably live with another playful dog if proper introductions where done.

Buzz (A09373264) is an already neutered 6-9 month old chocolate pit bull mix with big goofy ears. He was found as a stray. He’s a little nervous here at the shelter and would benefit from foster care. Buzz has a medium energy level and is fairly well behaved for a puppy. If this sounds like the dog you’ve been looking for, come meet him today!

Hershey (A09395579) is a 1-2 year old Pit Bull mix who was found as a stray. She is confident, outgoing, friendly and playful. She loves to play with tennis balls, rough house and cuddle. She is eager to please and wants to learn! She is a great dog for a family, but because she still jumps, she’d do best in a home with older or dog-saavy kids. Hershey is selective about her dog friends. If you are looking to adopt a happy, people-loving dog, come meet Hershey!

Video at:

Taheira (A09398152) is a great 2-3 year old black brindle pit bull that was found as a stray. She loves to snuggle and will even give kisses! Taheira loves to play ball. She already knows ‘sit’ and is very eager to please; basic obedience training should be easy! This playful, goofy eared girl has already been a mom. If you can help give this girl a great home, come meet her today! Tahiera is on treatment for kennel cough and needs to leave IMMEDIATELY.
Video at:

Marcus (A09405098) is a handsome 6-12 month old pit bull mix that was found as a stray. He likes to play with toys but can easily get over excited during play. Marcus loves to have his belly rubbed. He is funny and playful and seems to like other dogs. If you are interested in adopting or fostering Marcus, please come meet him at the shelter as soon as possible.
Video at:

Socks (A09401906) is a really pretty 6-12 month old American Pit Bull Terrier mix. She loves to cuddle and wiggles with delight as soon as someone takes her out of her kennel. Somehow she manages to wiggle while sitting down! Confidence isn’t Socks’ strong suit, so she’d love to get into foster care and have some socialization. If you are looking for a stunning dog and have older kids, Socks might be the girl for you! Come meet her!

Geno (A09409843) is an approximately 1 year old pit bull mix who was found as a stray. Geno likes to play with toys and needs to learn that he doesn’t need to jump up to get his way. He is looking for an experienced dog person because he is pushy and likes to do what he wants, though he also is a big snuggler when he’s done chasing his toys around. He has a medium energy level. Can you give Geno a new life for the New Year?

Maxine (A09437783) is a 3-5 year old pit bull mix who was found as a stray. This sweet girl has recently had puppies, but we don’t know where they are. She is also recovering from flea allergy dermatitis (all her new family needs to do is keep her flea free!) and will need to be kept on monthly flea preventative by her new family. She is a medium energy dog and would appreciate a nice walk each day. Maxine is friendly and waiting for a family. Come meet her!

Skeeter (A09426387) is a 6-12 month old pit bull mix that was found as a stray. He is all white with a black patch over one eye making him look absolutely adorable. Skeeter has lots of energy and would love to go running with you! When he’s playing, he barrels right into you not realizing his own strength. He’d do best in a home with someone that has had previous dog experience. If this sounds like a match for you, please come meet Skeeter!

Rex (A09420169) is a medium energy approximately 2 year old American Pit Bull Terrier that was found as a stray. He is a smart dog and was quickly picking up on ‘sit’ and ‘drop it’ in a short training session. Rex loves ropes and balls – and he’s pretty good at catching them too! Rex seems to like other dogs and is ready for a new home ASAP!

Shaggy (A09437472) is a 1-2 year old pit bull mix that was found as a stray. His medium energy level would make him a fine jogging or walking partner. He loves to have his belly scratched and is very friendly with everyone! Because he is a little rough and tumble when playing, he’d be best suited for a home with kids 8 and up. Come meet him!

Spice (A09405650) is a 6-12 month shepherd/pit bull mix who’s owners gave her up because they were having issues with their landlord. She is very sweet but a little nervous. When you take her out of her kennel and into a quiet room, she immediately claims a spot by your side and starts to snuggle. She reserves her kisses for the people she knows best. Spice responds quickly to the ‘sit’ command. Intelligent like a Shepherd and eager to please like a pit bull means this girl should take readily to obedience training! If you are interested in adopting this wonderful dog, please stop by the shelter as soon as you can!

Geno (A09409843) is an approximately 1 year old pit bull hound mix with a cute spot over his eye who was found as a stray. Geno likes to play with toys and needs to learn that he doesn’t need to jump up to get his way. He is looking for an experienced dog person because he is pushy and likes to do what he wants, though he also is a big snuggler when he’s done chasing his toys around. He has a medium energy level. Can you give Geno a new life for the New Year?

Bryan (A09502540) is a really cute and handsome 1-2 year old English Bulldog Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix that was found as a stray. Because he can be somewhat stubborn, he’d do best with someone who has Bulldog experience or someone who has done research on the breed. His energy level is medium and he will need a decent length daily walk- he loves to play and then snuggle! Bryan likes to rough house with other dogs but definitely has an intense play style. He has cherry eye that will be fixed when he gets neutered (before he goes home).

Byron (A09474184) is a pretty chocolate brown American Pit Bull Terrier mix 1-2 years old. She has a beautiful deep red coat with a red nose. Byron loves people and seems to like other dogs. She is a little camera shy so you can’t see her true beauty in her pictures. She has a pretty bad case of kennel cough and would love to go into a foster home that can get her better and find her a forever home. Byron sticks close by and enjoys spending time with people. Please come meet her.

Pickle (A09507272) is a really wiggly and adorable 6 month old Pit mix puppy that was found as a stray. She has the cutest half-prick ears with a gorgeous brindle coat. She has lots of energy and would make a fabulous running partner! She’s on the smaller side – only 36 pounds. Please come meet this spunky little girl today!

Kindred (A09506871) is a gorgeous black and white 1-2 year old female Boxer/American Staffordshire Terrier that was found wandering the streets as a stray. She has lots of energy and loves to play! In fact, her favorite game is fetch! She enjoys chewing on tennis balls, romping, and being pet. She is still working on manners like not jumping and running into people when she plays, so she’ll need to learn some manners (but is eager to learn!). Come meet this cute girl! Video at:

Maximo (A09495188) is stocky and handsome approximately 3 year old stray American Pit Bull Terrier mix that is very skinny. He is scared here at the shelter. Maximo follows you around and then climbs into your lap and shakes. He’s a very sweet boy who would benefit from foster care both mentally and physically. Please come meet this poor guy at the shelter before it’s too late.

Lee (A09480331) is a pretty little girl about 1-2 years old. She has beautiful blue eyes which make her look even prettier. She is ok with body handling and will need to put on a few pounds once she goes into her new home. Lee will do anything to get your attention. She was found as a stray on the streets of Philadelphia. Now that’s no place for a dog this time of year!! Will you be the family that will give her a forever home?

Chupe (A09529624) is a handsome boy who looks a bit stocky, but walks great on a leash!! Don’t let him big size fool you, he is a total lovebug. Chupe was great with body handling. He was turned into the shelter because his previous owners did not have adequate space for a dog. Chupe is looking for a home without cats. Come make Chupe your valentine this year!

Christopher (9510232) is a handsome 1-2 year old pit mix with a huge head! He is a total goofball who loves squeaky toys. He is very friendly and energetic and just wants to have a family to play with. He also needs to be fattened up because he is too skinny. Christopher is on treatment for kennel cough and needs to leave ASAP! Please come meet Christopher today, he just wants to love someone and be loved in return!

Max (A09497038)- Max is an adorable 6-12 month Bulldog/Boxer/Pit mix. He is super cute with wrinkles from his nose to his toes! He wags with not just his tail, but his entire body and he LOVES to give kisses. He is very playful, like a puppy stuck in a big dogs’ body. Come in today to meet Max, we promise he will bring a smile to your face!

Coco (9475733) is a really beautiful 2-4 year old golden brown pit mix. Coco is good at leash walking and over all a calmer girl. She is a petite girl who would make a great addition to any family. She seems to be fine with other dogs. Coco is a total snuggle bug who just wants to snuggle up with you. If you are looking for a dog but are a new dog owner, Coco would be the perfect dog for you. She already knows sit and is eager to please so we assume she will be a quick learner.

Jab (A9515899) is a super skinny big-headed pit mix, around 1-2 years. Jab is calm and a bit cautious, but that is just because he is scared and wants someone to love him and make him feel comfortable. He warms up slowly, but once he warms up he is real love bug. Jab is very treat motivated which is great- means he will be easy to train! Come in and meet Jab today, he is waiting for someone special to come in and give him a chance at the life he deserves.

Jackson (9522545) is a really cute1-2 year old easy going male pit mix with a mushy big face. Jackson is easy to handle on a leash and very into any type of love he can get. He did awesome in his temperament test, not minding at all having his feet or muzzle touched, he just enjoyed the attention. Jackson was dog tested and we believe would be fine with other dogs being in the home. He is friendly, medium energy male looking to find his forever home.

Betsy (9509361) is a gorgeous 3-5 year old pit mix with very calm energy. She has silly cropped ears but is not tough! She is a real sweetie pie. She is pretty muscular and strong but she has nice leash manners and doesn’t pull on the leash. Betsy seems to like some other dogs, but has a strong personality and may not be good for a dog park. She loves every person she meets and overall, she is a great dog who would make the perfect addition to any family!

Bully (9463686) is a pretty brindle and white female pix mix, around 1-2 years old. Bully likes to cuddle but thinks she is a lap dog and would probably benefit from some obedience training. She just needs a family to teach her some manners. She seems to be a happy dog who loved to play with toys and knows how to solicit attention appropriately. She is a sweet, cuddly girl who loves giving kisses.

Benny (9436759)- Benny is a smaller 6-12 month old male with the energy of a puppy. He is calm in his cage (which probably means he would do well in crate training) and very playful and energetic out of his kennel. Benny loves playing with toys and is a higher energy boy. Because he is young he still needs to learn basic obedience training. Benny is very friendly and wants to be friends with everyone! He loves treats which is good because treat motivated dogs are the easiest to train. Come in and meet Benny today, he is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Goober! (09472247)
Goober is a 6-12 month old pit mix that came to ACCT as a stray. He's a bundle of energy and needs to work on his puppy manners. He knows 'sit', and is very food motivated. Goober is a little unsure of other dogs (but not at all aggressive) so socialization is a must. This silly pup is sure to keep you on your toes.

Natalie Smith
Manager of Life SavingAnimal Care and Control Team (ACCT) Powered by the PSPCA
111 W Hunting Park Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19140

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